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Hello and welcome to Parchment and More (formerly Heirs of Heaven).

Who is Mimi?

I studied Architecture and Engineering in college and worked as a Geographic Information System (GIS) Coordinator before I retired.

I am a photography-hobbyist, yoga student, gemstone and crystal collector, travel-enthusiast,  a writer and graphic designer.  I used to work as an engineering employee for more than 25 years. I owned and later retired my travel agency, eBaula Travel & Tours which took me to many interesting destinations.

I have been journaling since time eternal. Although my thoughts are contained in multiple journal books, I am beginning to publish them one day at a time.  I write about a journey to self-discovery in the hope of helping my friends guide them in their manifestation of the kind of life they deserve.

Why Parchment and More?

There are two aspects to the name:


The main reason I chose Architecture as my course of study was that I always like to create from the heart. However, life has a good sense of humor that I ended up working in the field of Engineering in Computer and Mapping division. In that environment, I became in charge of anything that has to do with maps and their elements. The smell of the historical maps in vellum and parchment papers was comforting to me.  The calligraphy letters from historical documents were amazingly impressive that I eventually fell in love with them.  I have always enjoyed creating beautiful things. And in my engineering world, I made sure that a masterpiece always surrounds me.  It has always been a goal.

Pens and colors always fascinated me and begun collecting them too.  There is something about coloring that takes you in meditation and awareness of self.

Photography had been part of my life ever since I received my very first Instamatic camera. When I started exploring for adventure - be it traveling thousands of miles or just a few steps in my backyard, I take time to record it.  Beauty abounds everywhere; it only takes a pair of eyes and a heart to appreciate it.


In my travels through life, I met many of my teachers and mentors along the way.

I love writing and lately, I have been receiving prodding from my inner child to chronicle my adventures and experiences through this so-called life.

The word "More" in Parchment and More is my journal in remembering my lessons and inspirations as I serve my purpose in hope that by sharing it I would be able to contribute and serve, in my small way,  to make this a better world.

It is my hope that the stories I write make a difference to anyone who reads.

- Mimi B.